*Social skills -  Sharing, Patience, Taking Turns, Listening, Counting, Concentration,  and Self Confidence.

*Exposing your children to instruments at a young age can help increase gross and fine motor skills and help develop hand and arm muscle tone.

* Develop coordination, hand-eye coordination and a sense of rhythm and beat

* Develop early language skills through the use of repetition.

* Encourage understanding and comprehension of musical terminology and musical concepts and

* Learn where sound comes from, how sounds are made, exploring new sounds and ways of making sounds with instruments, their voices and their bodies.

If you would like the opportunity for your children to develop their social skills, and find a love for music then why not come along for a FREE TRIAL class with Tiny Treble Makers!

Take a look at the classes available below.

Tiny Treble Makers Classes

What can I expect from a class?

Children are thoroughly engaged as they go on adventures through the jungle, go swimming with the fish, jump around like kangaroos, and listen for new and interesting sounds. We will explore music from other cultures and learn songs in other languages.

Classes start with a hello song to welcome the children and warm up. Children are then provided with opportunities for playing instruments, singing songs, listening to sounds and moving based on the classes theme. Sensory activities, Finger play or stories are also used throughout the class to create variety. The class ends with a goodbye song and we also like to incorporate a sign language song to say goodbye. 




Tiny Tots (0-2years)

Tiny Toddlers (2-3years)

Tiny Toddlers (2-3years)

This class is for 0-2years it is a fun way to introduce music into their lives. Lots of floor work for young bubs to help develop their gross and fine motor skills. Tummy time for little bubs, Lap songs to help encourage bonding with your baby, Movement songs to encourage upper and lower body movement and development. This is a fun class to experience music with your small baby or child.


Tiny Toddlers (2-3years)

Tiny Toddlers (2-3years)

Tiny Toddlers (2-3years)

This class begins to further explore instruments and music. Develop fine and Gross motor skills further and get your toddler moving more to music. You and your child will experience a variety of style and genres, songs which will involve whole and part body movement. Musical instruments playing and listening. A fun and interactive class for both you and your child.


Tiny Trebles (3-5years)

Tiny Toddlers (2-3years)

Tiny Trebles (3-5years)

This class further extends on the younger classes by beginning to explore the concepts of music in a slightly more formal way by using some musical terminology age appropriate and basic. Learning how to take turns and compose short pieces or excerpts on their own instrument as a group or individuals. Plenty of movement whole and partial body. A really fun and engaging class for 3-5years.

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. IF you would like to come along for a FREE TRIAL CLASS then click on the link below to contact us and register for your free trial.